UltraEM is a cloud-based three-dimensional full-wave electromagnetic design platform for ICs, which fulfills the needs of IC design houses and semiconductor manufacturers for rapid, accurate and high-capacity EM simulation, modeling and design optimization. UltraEM is built on the world-leading high-performance high-capacity three-dimensional full-wave EM solver, which has been proprietarily developed by Faraday Dynamics, Ltd.


Highly Efficient Three-Dimensional Full-Wave EM Engine

The highly efficient EM engine of UltraEM adopts a kernel-independent Multi-Level Fast Multipole Method (MLFMM), which can greatly reduce the computational complexity and improve the computational efficiency. Due to the use of the three-dimensional full-wave EM engine, UltraEM can simulate metal structures with arbitrary thickness at all frequencies with high precision

Support Simulation on One or More Selected Nets

UltraEM supports the extraction of key structures from the IC layout and performs EM analysis on the extracted key structures. Specifically, the user can select one or more nets to perform EM analysis without removing the rest of the original design

Support AI Model Generation

UltraEM supports the AI model generation. By parameter scanning, a set of accurate EM data can be obtained from a parameterized IC layout structure, which can be used to build an AI model by data training. Later, the AI model can be imported into Circuit Compiler for highly efficient design optimization

Support User-Defined Parameters in Post-Processing

In post-processing, UltraEM supports the user-defined parameters via formulas. Some commonly used parameters are pre-defined in UltraEM. The user can add the new user-defined parameters by specifying the formulas in GUI or importing the formulas from a formula file. UltraEM can display the results of the S/Y/Z parameters or any user-defined parameters in post-processing

Support Co-Simulation of IC Layout Devices and Lumped Elements

UltraEM supports the co-simulation of IC layout devices and lumped elements. The user can add lumped components to an IC layout design, and UltraEM can perform EM analysis on the combined design of the original IC layout design and the added lumped elements to give accurate EM simulation results

Cloud Platform

UltraEM is a cloud-based software tool. Therefore, all the operations are carried out by the high-performance servers. As long as the user is connected to the cloud platform, the user can perform the simulation, modeling, and design optimization without the necessity to download any software


Support Multiple Formats

Support the LEF/DEF, the GDSII Stream Format and the UltraEM FD Format

Provide IP Library

UltraEM contains some basic IC components in the IP library. Such components are described as parametric models. The user can simply specify some geometrical parameters to instantiate these models and compute the corresponding S parameters accordingly

Result Outputting

UltraEM can export the data of the S/Y/Z parameters (Touchstone format) as well as the user-defined parameters upon completion of the simulation

Graphic Drawing Tool

The user can construct structures by using the graphical drawing tool

Accuracy versus Speed

UltraEM offers three levels of simulation accuracy, namely IC-Fast,IC-Standard and IC-Accurate. Among them, IC-Fast gives the fastest run, while IC-Accurate provides the most accurate solution

Virtuoso Integration

To facilitate the IC design needs, UltraEM has been seamlessly integrated with Cadence Virtuoso Layout Suite, by which the user can directly invoke UltraEM within Virtuoso

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