Faraday Dynamics, Ltd. was founded in March 2017. The company is dedicated to provide fast, accurate and comprehensive electromagnetic design platforms for integrated circuits (ICs) and printed-board circuits (PCBs). We have strong expertise in providing efficient solutions for solving large-scale electromagnetic problems as well as fast yet accurate modeling and optimization of high-speed, high frequency devices and circuits. Our products serve design houses, foundries, and packaging companies on RF and high-speed circuits worldwide. We are aimed at promoting quality and productivity of our clients on designing RF, microwave, millimeter-wave and high-speed circuits and systems.


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Dr. Peng Zhao from our company attended the Summit Forum on IoT Chip and Communication Technology

On October 17, 2018, the “Summit Forum on Internet of Things Chip and Communication Technology”hosted by EETOP was held in Pu Dong, Shanghai. Invited by EETOP, Dr. Peng Zhao, the Chief Scientist at Faraday Dynamics, Ltd., attended the summit forum and delivered a keynote speech entitled "Efficient EDA Solution for Electromagnetic Analysis of IoT Chips".


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