Zhao Peng should be invited by EETOP to attend the IoT chip and communication technology summit forum

On the afternoon of October 17, 2018, the “Internet of Things Chip and Communication Technology Summit Forum” hosted by EETOP was held in Shanghai Pusoft Building. Faraday Dynamics, Dr. Zhao Peng, Chief Scientist of Ltd.) attended the forum at the invitation of EETOP and delivered a keynote speech entitled "Efficient EDA Solution for Electromagnetic Analysis of IoT Chips".

Dr. Zhao Peng’s keynote speech sparked positive repercussions and strong resonance at the forum. At the meeting, Zhao Peng answered questions on the spot and the audience was enthusiastic. After the speech, many delegates went to the French Mobile Science and Technology Reception Office to learn more about the EDA products of the French-speaking technology and expressed their strong interest and cooperation intentions in the EDA products.

Dr. Zhao Peng's keynote speech is divided into three parts: the first explains the technical bottleneck of the chip in the post-Moore era; the second part discusses the challenges of the current chip electromagnetic simulation in detail; the third part shows the electromagnetic simulation introduced by the French-based technology. Efficient solutions and show the effectiveness of the program through actual cases.

In his keynote speech, Dr. Zhao Peng highlighted the series of EDA products: UltraEM is a three-dimensional full-wave electromagnetic field simulation software mainly used for integrated circuits (IC); SuperEM is mainly used for high-speed printed circuit board (PCB) circuits and Three-dimensional full-wave electromagnetic simulation design software for antennas. In addition, Zhao Peng also predicted to the experts and users of the conference, another upcoming system-level electromagnetic simulation solution Circuit Compiler.

Acting Technology is a global provider of EDA software and technology. The company is committed to the development of EDA software and IP for RF and ultra-high-speed integrated circuits in the post-Moore era, focusing on solving complex large-capacity electromagnetic modeling, simulation, analysis and optimization design issues in chip design, and improving the high-frequency and high-speed design level of industrial integrated circuits. More than 300 experts, scholars and users from the industry attended the forum. On the day of the forum, companies such as Fadong Technology, Huawei, and Keysight Technology sent guests to attend and gave speeches at the conference. At the same time, France Mobile Technology sent the relevant personnel of Faraday Dynamics R & D department, AE department and marketing department to participate in the forum of the day.

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